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The management and staff has been very helpful and quick about getting things done and fixed. Enjoyable place to live would recommend to anyone!!!


The management and staff has been very helpful and quick about getting things done and fixed. Enjoyable place to live would recommend to anyone!!!


I've had a decent experience here. The space you can get for the price is a pretty good deal for Fort Worth (but who knows if it'll stay that way). The pool area is really nice, and the grills are great to have. I moved in right as new management was taking over, so as could be expected, there was some confusion, and balls were dropped. But since then, I haven't had much trouble with the office or maintenance. They seem like they're doing their best. There are some negatives though. The parking situation can be pretty difficult, especially late at night. The workout room is good for cardio, but a joke for everything else - they have two hand weights that weigh 5 and 10 pounds and some broken medicine balls. And the AC in that room remained broken for a few month last year. The rest of the negative issues are things management can't really control. For example, people will sit in their cars out in the parking lot at 10 PM, music blaring, for an hour. That probably happens once a week. There is only one dumpster, and it fills up pretty fast. There's a lot of trash and in some areas, dog poop around the complex. I think residents just need to take more responsibility over that. You can hear the Chisholm trail pretty clearly if you live on that side of the complex. But most of that is just to be expected at an apartment complex. Overall, it's been a good place to live.


There was a mix up on my move in date. I arrived with movers and the cleaners hadn’t arrived yet. As a leader, I understand that things happen. Their response was perfect. The manager explained the mix up and compensated financially by discounting a week of rent and when I arrive at the apartment there were two or three maintenance men and the ASSISTANT MANAGER mopping the floor preparing the space for me. They sent a lady to do finishing touches the next day. The assistant manage went so far as to personally bring me a shower curtain rod after hours because I called later when I realized it was missing. This was AMAZING SERVICE RECOVERY!!



I love this apartment complex I currently stay in a Townhouse the customer service is wonderful and they definitely will fulfill any maintenance requests that you put in I can honestly say that I can see myself here until I purchase my house but Im looking forward to many more few years here and the new office crew and maintenance team are very very Awesome Team and its very quiet community and I love the environment I definitely feel safe in the community it’s definitely worth the money you pay.


It has been about a month since I moved here. My observations have been that office administrators and maintenance personnel try their best to offer a great service and maintain all areas of this apartment complex in good standing. All of them have been professional, respectful, and kind. It is a nice gesture, when a maintenance personnel offers to put your trash bag in the dumpster for you! That's very kind of them. Who says they have to do that? They also try their best to pick up everyday the trash littering from the adults and children, who unfortunately, do not or did not learn how to put their trash in either their apartment's trash can or inside, NOT on the outside, of the big dumpster. If this a new administration as some people have mentioned; then, together with their maintenance personnel, they're trying to offer a good service.


I've been living here several years now! Love it!! Wanda Kelley

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